PA-300TS-IQ Fume Extractor For 3D Printing

Brand Name: Pure-Air

Model No: PA-300TS-IQ

Application: hair salon, beauty salon, nail salon, lab, soldering, etc,

Air Flow: 300m3/h

Input Power:200W

Voltage / Frequency: 220/110V,50/60Hz

Noise: ≤50dBA

Machine Dimension: 435*250*456mm

Machine N.W: 16kg

Machine Shell: Carbon Steel

Color: White


Equipment Data
Item Technical Data Remark
Fume & dust inlet 50mm / 75mm

Single fume inlets,

 include 1pc fume extract tube

Fresh air outlet 100mm Shutter holes
Machine weight 16KG (N.W.) Machine with all elements
Dimension 435*250*456mm Machine size
Package dimension 530*510*560mm Packed by plywood crate
Blower Technical Data
Item Technical Data Remark
Running period more than 30,000h One year guarantee
Max. air flow 300m³/h Electronic speed control
Input capacity 200W Low capacity
Air pressure 2500pa High pressure
Running sound ≤50dBA Low sound volume
Input power 110V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz International standard
Filter Elements Data
Item Technical Data Remark

Pre-filter PA300-01

G4 class Primary Filter Cotton filter pad.

F8 Filter PA300-02

F8 Class medium efficiency filter

Filter can remove 90% of all particles 

above1 microns

HEPA Filter 


H13 HEPA filter

Filter can remove 99.997% of all particles 

above 0.3 microns and 95% down to 0.01 micron.

Gas Filter 


Chemical material, life-time 6-10 months

Chemical molecular,Oxidant & Active carbon

 adsorb noxious gas.


filtration rate


It will be a little fluctuation

according to different materials.

Our PA-300TS-IQ fume extractor suitable for air purification, fume filtration and dust collection for many different industry:

1)Printing & AD processing;
2) Laser marking metal process;
3) Beauty Salon, Nail Salon, Hair Salon;
4) Lab, University, School;
5)Soldering Process,like Electronics; PCB board producting; 
6) Textile Processing;
7) Food, Pharmaceutical & Tobacco Manufacturing;
8)Lab test;
9) Medical.

Package Information
Item Technical Data Remark
Package Plywood Box


 will pack in 1 strong plywood box

Shipping Way By air or By sea Depends on order qty
Machine weight 16KG (N.W.) 26KG(G.W) Machine with all elements
Dimension 435*250*456mm Machine size
Package dimension 450X530X560mm Packed by plywood crate

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