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A safe and reliable stand-alone dust explosion-proof dust collector, professionally manufactured by the brand PURE-AIR for 10 years!

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PURE-AIR Technology has been paying attention to the changes of dust explosion-proof technology for more than 10 years, and actively participated in major dust-proof technology seminars, and discussed its new research and development results in industrial dust explosion-proof. This time, PURE-AIR's stand-alone dust explosion-proof dust collector is the subject of technical discussion of PURE-AIR! fume purifier laser machines

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At the 4th Suzhou Dust Safety and Explosion Protection Symposium in mid-2019. Discuss the State Council Order No. 708 "Emergency Regulations for Production Safety Accidents", GB15577 "Dust Explosion Safety Regulations", classic dust explosion incidents, explosion-proof valve testing standards, explosion-proof electrical equipment model selection, maintenance and classic cases, spark detection and extinguishing The development trend of system software, industrial production hazardous waste treatment technology and management regulations, die-casting aluminum and aluminum die-casting risk identification, Vocs environmental protection related laws and regulations, etc. are removed, showing the new products and technologies of relevant industries from all over the world. laser cutting exhaust filter

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For PURE-AIR, one of the earliest stand-alone dust explosion-proof dust collector manufacturers in Dongguan and even in China, this authoritative technical seminar and exhibition has experienced three-year development trend, and has already become a domestic technical professional improvement and business scale. A large number of dust and explosion-proof industry theme events attended by a large number of meetings, and a better working mechanism with the Suzhou Federation of Authoritative Experts on Explosive Dust Its effective industry control regulations promote the development trend of technology and scientific research in the explosion-proof and ash removal industry. laser filter air

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