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As enterprises have higher and higher requirements for processing and manufacturing, the demand for laser processing is also growing. Due to the high efficiency, precision, safety, and high yield of laser processing, there are more and more laser processing and manufacturing industries around the world. According to relevant reports, by 2025, laser processing and manufacturing enterprises will reach about 30% of all manufacturing industries. This is a rapidly developing industry.

air cleaner for processing

However, the air pollution caused by more and more laser processing and manufacturing is slowly increasing every year, because the laser processing process will generate a lot of smoke and odor, which will lead to the deterioration of the surrounding environment. Especially with its high-efficiency laser processing, if it is not processed in time, it will cause a large area of atmospheric pollution. Therefore, in the face of development, enterprises also need to have sustainable development and be equipped with purification equipment for laser soot pollution in time! It not only protects the workshop personnel, but also protects the air cleaner for processing, and also protects the future development of the enterprise, air cleaners for nail salons!
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