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Release date:2021-04-29 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Nowadays, with the rapid recovery of large and small enterprises after the epidemic, the pressure on the advertising engraving machine industry cannot be underestimated, and for a large number of orders, engraving and processing enterprises cannot stop for a second. Second, the problem that engraving and processing companies have to face is the dust and smoke pollution in the workshop. How to solve it? Failure to solve it will definitely affect the productivity of the workshop. PURE-AIR focuses on the research and development and manufacture of dust collector for engraving and processing. Its targeted engraving machine small fume extractor and mobile filter cartridge dust collector are environmentally friendly equipment for removing soot and dust!

fume extractor

For many people who step into the advertising processing industry, which kind of engraving machine for advertising companies is suitable? Engraving machines are divided into mechanical equipment and lasers. Both mechanical equipment and lasers have their own advantages. The engraving machine can engrave a lot of raw materials, including metal materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel, copper, aluminum, and non-metallic materials such as high-density boards, PVC, and kt boards. Proper maintenance of the engraving machine is conducive to increasing the service life of the machine and equipment, thereby creating economic benefits for the company. The engraving machine is suitable for advertising sign companies, carpenters, home improvement, sheet metal parts, and automotive industries. Today, the letter of environmental protection technology said "Which type of engraving machine for advertising companies is suitable".

vacuum cleaner

1. If it is necessary to produce and process thin and thick metal materials, it is recommended to use a laser engraving machine.

2. If you are producing and processing non-metallic materials, you can choose a laser engraving machine or a mechanical equipment engraving machine.

The above two solutions need to be used with a small dust collector of the engraving machine, a mobile filter cartridge dust collector, and vacuum cleaner equipment to maximize the value of the engraving machine.

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