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Dust collector in the polishing workshop, PURE-AIR polishing workshop dust removal equipment manufacturing expert.

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With the recent EIA boom, many companies have become vigilant. It is important to know that during the peak season for sales, whether it is a small or medium-sized enterprise or a large enterprise, once production is suspended or even filed for investigation due to EIA issues, the loss is really incalculable. laser fume extractor silent machine.

In order to steadily survive the EIA, many polluting workshops have begun to deploy corresponding environmental protection equipment, such as metal polishing and polishing workshops. In the past, grinding smoke and dust often led to poor environmental quality, heavy smoke, and loud noise in the workshop. No, there are clever ones. The owner of the factory thought of using advanced metal grinding and dust removal equipment-grinding and dust removal workbenches to solve the problem of heavy smoke and dust pollution in the workshop in one fell swoop. laser fume extractor wood engraving

laser fume extractor wood engraving

Products on the market usually use ordinary filter cartridges, which are easy to rust and are troublesome to replace. However, this polished dust removal workbench uses high-efficiency flame-retardant imported filter elements with long service life and easy replacement.

The same product often emits a lot of noise during operation, higher than 80dB, which brings greater noise to the originally noisy workshop. This grinding and dust removal workbench adopts advanced technology, built-in high-efficiency flame-retardant noise-absorbing fiber, and sound absorption. The effect is good, and the noise during operation is lower than 75dB.

laser fume filter

When metal polishing and polishing, similar equipment often results in dust spread and serious pollution in the workshop due to the unqualified design and efficiency. This polishing and dust removal workbench adopts a unique impeller simulation design, and its efficient fan ensures that it has a high wind pressure. , With the characteristics of large suction and low energy consumption, there are suction ports on the bottom and front of the worktable, which can effectively control the dust scattering. laser fume filter

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