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Focus on Workshop Air Purification for more than 10 years, PURE-AIR Dust Collector!

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Nowadays, both domestic and foreign production and processing enterprises have begun to pay attention to environmental protection. In particular, dust pollution not only pollutes the surrounding environment, but also poses a threat to the health of front-line personnel, and even causes long-term residual dust effects on some basic equipment in the workshop,so you need high efficiency fume extractor to solve your problem.

dust collector manufacturer

In China, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, who are unwilling to spend a high price to install large dust collectors and other facilities in the workshops. Only small dust collectors can be purchased. This is a very wise choice, because it can be solved not only in terms of environmental protection, personnel, equipment, safety, etc., but more importantly, the cost of environmental protection is greatly reduced.

PURE-AIR is a manufacturer that specializes in the development and manufacture of dust collectors for enterprises. So how does PURE-AIR do it? The PURE-AIR R&D team has studied in detail most of the dust related industries, understood the difficulties of dust handling, summarized one by one and made corresponding changes according to the actual situation. The sales staff of PURE-AIR will consult the company in detail when talking to the customer for the first time, the nature of the actual work, the industry, the raw materials processed, and the size of the space, etc. In this way, our professional sales staff will make judgments based on the known information in the first time, and recommend the best suitable dust collector to the enterprise. This ensures that the company won’t without direction, causing additional economic losses when purchasing the dust collector.

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In the process of manufacturing dust collectors, PURE-AIR can make corresponding customized services according to the characteristics of the company, ensuring that the dust collectors are more in line with the company's own conditions. The PURE-AIR dust collector occupies a small space and is very simple to operate. The front-line employees can use it proficiently in 5 minutes of learning. And other maintenance is based on the consideration of the enterprise's use cost, and also reduces the cost of the enterprise to pay for maintenance.

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