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How about solder fume purifier, PURE-AIR solder fume purifier to remove fume and purify!

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Suzhou Qise Rainbow Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known manufacturing company, is an early and more critical leader in how to deal with the popularization of electric soldering iron welding fumes. It analyzes how to deal with the popularization of current electric soldering iron welding fumes. The safety of industrialization must be combined with environmental remediation. After several years of professional scientific research, it is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and reasonable treatment method.

The fume filter for laser cutter was founded in that situation. The equipment mainly uses high-quality sound-absorbing materials, an intelligent system computer operating system, and imported high-quality motors, which promotes a long service life of the equipment, high efficiency in purification and treatment of smoke, and purification treatment. Thoroughly, it has the ability to adjust wind power, filter out floating dust, remove odors and a variety of harmful and harmful substances. 

fume extractor for co2 laser

The hot selling fume extractor of PURE-AIR technology is favored by famous manufacturers all over the world, and it is now used in many industrial production appliances How to deal with soldering iron welding fumes is a more efficient, reliable and applicable fume solution equipment. Most of the purified gas does not need to be discharged outdoors, thereby reducing the energy consumption of refrigeration equipment, which not only enhances the air index, but also reduces The total output of electricity consumption reduces the damage to the health of employees from environmental pollution and at the same time reduces the damage to the natural environment.

fume extractor for processing

Let the actual operation staff of the industrial factories completely solve the distress of industrial production smoke, so that the management of the enterprise will no longer worry about the unqualified natural environment needs and encountering high-priced fines from the relevant departments.

If you want buy fume extractor, please contact with Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,ltd, E-mail: sales@pure-airtech.com.