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It has made overall plans for the target indicators, key tasks and safeguard measures of soil, groundwater and agricultural and rural ecological environment protection during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period.

The "Plan" proposes that by 2025, the overall quality of soil and groundwater environment in the country will remain stable, and the safe use of contaminated farmland and key construction land will be consolidated and improved; agricultural non-point source pollution will be initially controlled, the construction of rural environmental infrastructure will be steadily advanced, and rural ecological The environment continues to improve. dust fume extractor

dust fume extractor

By 2035, the national soil and groundwater environmental quality will be stable and improving, the soil environmental safety of agricultural land and key construction land will be effectively guaranteed, and soil environmental risks will be fully controlled; agricultural non-point source pollution will be curbed, rural environmental infrastructure will be improved, and rural The ecological environment has fundamentally improved.

In order to fundamentally curb the damage of the surrounding industrial environment, the concerted efforts of environmental protection equipment across the country are needed to provide efficient purification of workshop dust removal and dust removal equipment for soldering for manufacturing and processing enterprises across the country.

In cooperation with the "14th Five-Year Plan", industrial smoke and dust purification equipment manufacturers should also upgrade their own smoke and dust purification equipment technology to ensure that dust removal and smoke removal technology keeps pace with the times and better protect the environment!

exhaust fume extractor

Dongguan PURE-AIR Technology actively responds to the "14th Five-Year" ecological environmental protection plan, and uses more than 10 years of self-developed technology to manufacture smoke, dust and exhaust gas purification equipment that can be used in production workshops that are more suitable for all walks of life. Every year, a lot of money, manpower and material resources are invested in the exhaust fume extractor technology to ensure the leadership of PURE-AIR's smoke and dust purification technology!

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