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Pure-Air factory products are mainly suitable for the furniture industry, shoe industry, chemical industry, electroplating industry, electronics industry, power plants, glasses factories and many other environments that are prone to smoke, dust, and exhaust gas. Electronic solder fume extractor that generate dust and exhaust gas save water and labor. Due to the requirements of large-scale production, solder fume is generated by multiple stations in the workshop. The central fume purification system developed by our company is used to meet many different At the same time, the solder fume generated by the station needs to be collected and purified. According to the actual on-site conditions, plan a set of plans with low quotation, qualified functions, and low cost of use, and equipped with solder smoke extractor and other equipment.

solder station fume extractor

The direction of the universal suction hood of the electronic solder station fume extractor of Pure-Air factory is designed with a special rotating color structure, which can effectively ensure that the universal suction hood can be aligned with the welding position in any direction, but finally) Diqing Shan The installation nozzles of the suction arm of the quiet solder fume extractor are arranged according to their own conditions so that the universal suction arm can capture the smoke generated during the welding process, and then to a greater extent. The outer layer of the universal suction arm of the electronic soldering fume purifier is a high-temperature and tensile-resistant hose, which can not only prevent the hose from being damaged by sparks, but also avoid frequent extension damage.

Specializing in the purification of smoke and smoke in soldering workshops, we believe in Pure-Air factory and have more than 10 years of rich experience in the smoke and dust purification industry. Pioneer in the industrial soot purification equipment industry.

quiet solder fume extractor

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