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PURE-AIR analyzes the characteristics of high-quality dust collectors for enterprises!

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China is famous all over the world for its vast land and abundant resources, and the seasons and climates in various regions of China are also very different, which poses a big problem for many domestic environmental protection equipment manufacturers.

PURE-AIR soldering fume extractor engineers also take these factors into consideration when developing environmentally friendly equipment. For example, the specially customized sealed box can effectively prevent the interference of moisture. As well as vibrations and other emergencies in various industries during production and processing. Why does PURE-AIR do so much work? The purpose is to allow corporate customers who purchase PURE-AIR dust collectors to have good machine operating conditions that other welding fume extractor brands do not have.

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From research and development to manufacturing, PURE-AIR dust collectors have undergone various strict tests and quality checks. In terms of products, PURE-AIR has always pursued high standards and strict requirements. In R&D, innovation and practical technology has always been PURE-AIR's housekeeping skills. There are more than 10 practical patents. The domestic certification certificate is the best proof. PURE-AIR's air extractor for laser is very reliable.

Dust collectors are very familiar to most domestic companies, especially smoke and dust companies, but companies understand that they are only used as equipment for handling dust and smoke, and some companies may simply think that this is a product that can pass the EIA. In fact, it is not surprising that most companies think this way. Nowadays, both the strict control of the epidemic situation and the control of corporate environmental pollution are going hand in hand in China. This is the principle of "grasp with both hands and strict with both hands" of the relevant departments.

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The most basic requirement for companies to purchase dust collectors is to solve the dust pollution in the workshop, and not forget the essence because of the environmental impact assessment. Of course, dust collectors can indeed solve the inspections of relevant departments such as environmental assessment and testing, but don't forget the chaotic domestic manufacturing market. Enterprises should not really think that just buying a low-quality and low-cost dust collector can fool the relevant departments. .

So to sum up, the essence of the company is to solve the dust and smoke in the workshop, improve the workshop environment, increase production efficiency, and retain good talents. Take long-term development as the core, rather than making small profits for a while.

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