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PURE-AIR Dust Collector, Well-known Brand Smoke and Dust Purification in Industrial !

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Brand legends abound in the industry, but the road to reaching a well-known brand is a very difficult road. As a member of the dust collector manufacturer, Pure-Air has gradually evolved from an obscure company that only does practical things into a well-known brand after more than 10 years, which is full of too much bitterness.

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From the first door-to-door companies recommending their own products, to recommend environmental protection industrial smoke purification equipment, dust collectors, fume purifiers, dust collectors to them at major exhibitions at home and abroad. After refusing time and time again, Pure-Air persisted, and slowly began to have its first batch of customers. These customers are a European manufacturing and processing enterprise. At first, his orders were not many but only 5 sets. try out. And Pure-Air did not neglect because the customer only ordered 5 sets of equipment. Instead, it paid more attention to this corporate customer, and finally delivered it as scheduled, and then continued its recommended tour of the exhibition.

At the Shanghai Munich exhibition in the second year, last year's corporate customer brought several companies to implement environmentally friendly booth consulting equipment. This is what Pure-Air never expected. The high-quality quality and solid technology have enabled this company to not only purchase twice, but also bring corporate customers. Since then, Pure-Air began its own brand journey. The PURE-AIR brand has gradually become well-known internationally by corporate customers, and gradually believes that environmental protection has its own position in the international dust collector market. The brand has begun to be popularized in more places and exported to more than 50 countries and regions at home and abroad, many of which are buyers of Fortune 500 companies. The application field of dust collectors of Pure-Air is also gradually expanding, and now it has covered more than 30 industry fields, and there are more than 100 types of smoke purification equipment supporting the industry.

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We believe in environmental protection and believe that our efforts will pay off. We insist on making excellent industrial smoke and dust purification equipment, and improve better dust collectors and other equipment for our customers at home and abroad.

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