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PURE-AIR dust collector, excellent quality, energy saving and environmental protection, efficient purification, must-have choice for enterprises!

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The industry is constantly improving, and the technology of environmental protection equipment is also developing rapidly, facing many industrial smoke and dust purification equipment on the market. Many domestic and even foreign companies are also suffering. How to choose, what type to choose, how much wind power, and how many pieces of equipment to buy? Wait for a series of questions!

   Aiming at the dust pollution generated by many domestic and foreign enterprises in the process of processing and manufacturing, PURE-AIR provides industrial soot purification equipment with excellent quality, reliable quality, energy saving and environmental protection, and efficient purification for the majority of processing and manufacturing enterprises!

Dust collector equipment

    The area of dust and fume distribution in the workshop of the enterprise has a great influence on the dust collection function of the dust collector. The suitability of various dust collectors and the operating conditions will also be very different. Therefore, when selecting some Dust collector equipment, it is first and foremost to understand the dust coverage area in detail.

   When the particles below a few microns account for most of the dust, professional fume purification equipment such as dust collectors must be equipped. Only in this way can the health and property safety of enterprise personnel be better protected. For further selection of equipment such as dust collectors, it is necessary to base on the coverage area of particles and the actual needs of the workshop environment.

Dust collector type

   According to the Dust collector type and function of each manufacturer, the selection is made, so no matter what brand of dust collector it is, you need to understand the instruction manual in detail. After understanding, according to the applicable field, scene, category, specific function of the type, etc., and the actual workshop plan to determine which type of dust collector is the most suitable for the enterprise.

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