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PURE-AIR explosion-proof filter cartridge dust removal equipment, explosion-proof dust collector, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and

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The focus of dust removal equipment is explosion-proof and fire-proof measures. If explosion-proof measures are not taken, use an ordinary vacuum cleaner to treat high-temperature dust. Once an explosion occurs, the equipment is very likely to explode. The loss is unimaginable. When choosing a vacuum cleaner, consider the product's explosion-proof filter cartridge dust removal equipment. It is hoped that the equipment can operate normally to prevent dust explosions.

In industrial dust removal, Dust explosion-proof device often has to deal with high temperature dust. If the product cannot be used to remove high-temperature dust, it will burn and explode during the operation of the equipment, so it is particularly important to change the explosion-proof process. In order to ensure the stable operation of the equipment, the key is to have a set of reliable technical measures to prevent combustion or explosion.

Explosion-proof filter cartridge dust removal equipment

When the Explosion-proof filter cartridge dust removal equipment is in operation, when the electrical load and components are in contact with the current, even during the conduction process, electric shock cremation is inevitable. The excessive dust gas concentration caused by the discharge spark is also very easy to explode. All electrical load components must be explosion-proof components to avoid explosion. Ensure the safety of equipment operation and operation. For example, the pulse valve of the vacuum cleaner and the solenoid valve of the poppet valve should be explosion-proof products.

Filter cartridge dust removal equipment

For combustible dust, although not all dust will cause flammability, if sparks appear in the pre-dust removal process and can enter the dust collector, measures such as adding spark traps and installing explosion-proof doors should be taken.

The resulting dust, metal particles, etc., can be directly collected from the operating point with high-power industrial vacuum cleaners. The explosion-proof Filter cartridge dust removal equipment is equipped with a dust hood to effectively deal with the floating objects generated during the grinding process. Safety of life and property of operators.

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