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PURE-AIR explosion-proof dust removal equipment, industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, what are the advantages!

Release date:2021-07-09 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner electrical equipment that does not operate well with standards and poor natural environment standards will cause harm to explosion-proof electrical equipment, so what aspects can affect the operation of explosion-proof electrical equipment and equipment? When encountering such influencing factors What should we do next?

Obvious vibration or shock during operation of explosion-proof electrical equipment:

Explosion-proof electrical equipment suffers obvious vibration or shock during operation, which can affect the mechanical system and compressive strength of small electrical equipment, and can also loosen the protective grounding; motor frequently runs, reverse braking system, load and other operating standards It will affect the winding temperature and surface temperature of the motor, and affect the safety factor and service life of the equipment. Explosion-proof electrical equipment is susceptible to the bad influence of operating standards.

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Countermeasures for industrial Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner:

In case of vibration, attention should be paid to the tightness of equipment anchor bolts and cables introduced into the equipment. When removing non-metallic materials, electrical equipment and equipment should be taken care to prevent electrostatic induction. During the installation and application of explosion-proof electrical equipment, the adverse effects of external factors on the characteristics of the explosion-proof type should be avoided, and countermeasures should be taken to prevent dirt from falling vertically into the ventilation holes of the post-mounted motor.

Environmental protection dust removal equipment

Use copper-core insulated flexible transmission lines or copper-core multi-core cables as much as possible. When wiring with metal hoses, flexible connecting pipes can be installed at the junction of explosion-proof electrical equipment and electrical equipment routes. For the standard parts of anchor bolts that are susceptible to vibration, torsion spring washers and two-way nuts are used to prevent loosening.

PURE-AIR technology focuses on the manufacturing of environmental protection dust removal equipment such as industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaners, reliable quality, and factory direct sales!

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