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Dust is also relatively common in daily life, for example, dust caused by cars passing by on the road, houses that are not occupied for a long time, or production workshops for pastry products, not to mention workshops for processing large-scale machinery and equipment. So if there is such dust, a device for purifying dust is needed. This kind of equipment must be environmentally friendly and efficient. The dust collection and dust removal equipment in the dust workshop of Pure-Air , the dust collector, these professional industrial smoke and dust purification equipment come in handy.

fume extractor

Is there any effect of staying in a dusty environment for a long time? The answer is yes, working for a long time in a dusty environment or doing other things is right, the human respiratory tract is damaged. Pure-Air has conducted case discussions with medical personnel in many hospitals in Dongguan. It is found that most of the large-scale production and processing enterprises that have not installed dust collection and dust removal equipment in the dust workshop have a much higher prevalence than those that have installed fume extractor. As a result, the production schedule of these factories and the staff and patients cannot be effectively resolved.

vacuum cleaner

Pure-Air as an environmental technology company, it is necessary to share a point of view with you. It’s true that environmental protection really wants to develop the company’s interests, but it has not forgotten that the development and manufacture of vacuum cleaner is designed to solve the dust pollution in the workshop of the company. This not only protects the health of the company’s technical personnel, but also prevents the company from There is too much dust and work is stopped for production. Therefore, it is very necessary for companies to spend a sum of money to improve their own workshop dust and other pollution.

Pure-Air is an enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of industrial smoke and dust purification equipment.

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