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Release date:2021-04-09 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Each of the dust collectors and dust removal equipment in the dust workshop are made by the strong R&D team of Pure-Air. Independently developed fan system and self-developed intelligent IQ2 control is to allow companies to better purify workshop smoke and dust, and to more easily purify workshop smoke and dust.

fume extractor

Combining the characteristics and advantages of a variety of dust and fume removal processes, optimized and upgraded a new dust removal equipment used to process trace dust and micro particles, mainly used to remove dust, acid mist, water droplets, and aerosols in moist gas , Odor, PM2.5 and other harmful substances, it is the ideal equipment for the treatment of atmospheric dust pollution. Keywords industrial smoke purification, white smoke and black smoke purification, SO3 acid mist removal, heavy metal ion removal (lead Pb, cadmium Cd, chromium Cr (hexavalent), arsenic As, barium Ba, mercury Hg, selenium Se, antimony Sb), Dust removal, PM2.5 removal, odor removal, aerosol removal, organic pollutant VOCs purification, and the removal efficiency is over 99.7%.

vacuum cleaner

PURE-AIR environmentally friendly fume extractor, dust collection and vaccum cleaner in dust workshops, have the following advantages: good flame retardancy. Tested by the national professional testing organization, the flame retardant grade reaches V0. Therefore, even if the arc is generated in the electric field, the precipitation electrode tube will not be ignited; it is light in weight, high in mechanical strength, stable in dimensions, and has a long service life of the equipment; The honeycomb structure makes the inner and outer surfaces of each pole tube become the surface of the precipitation pole. There is no dead zone between the pole tubes. Therefore, for the flue gas of the same scale, it has a small volume and a small area; the resistance of the working flue gas is small, the air flow is evenly distributed, and the cathode line remains stable, so as to achieve the best effect, and the dust removal/demisting efficiency is high. Key words Not affected by specific resistance, no secondary dust, no dust accumulation on the pole plate, no moving component structure, removal of sulfuric acid mist, corrosion resistance, high PM2.5 removal efficiency.

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