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For the company, how to efficiently and safely purify the smoke and smoke in the workshop, PURE-AIR technology concentrates on the industrial mobile vacuum cleaner manufacturer, and uses more than 10 years of work experience to explain to the company. The company workshop How to maintain the Fume purification equipment inside? Remove and replace the filter element!

Industrial mobile vacuum cleaners can also be called Single pulse filter cartridge dust removal equipment. During the entire operation of the stand-alone single pulse filter cartridge dust removal equipment, the continuous operation of the online dust removal system will immediately remove the dust attached to the surface of the filter cartridge to ensure removal. The filter of the ash equipment has the expected effect, but the filter type and the filter cartridge must be maintained to see if there is a small piece of dust, water vapor, or rust scratches.

Single pulse filter cartridge dust removal equipment

When there are the above difficulties, you should pay attention, which means that the filter cartridge is likely to be damaged or the operation process is unscientific. We should do a good job of investigating potential safety hazards immediately. During the entire process of using the pulse filter ash removal equipment, observe the concentration value of the gas discharged from the exhaust port on time. If there is smoke and dust discharged, you should immediately check the damage and filtering of the filter cartridge in the filter cartridge ash removal equipment. If the airtightness is indispensable, the filter cartridge must be disassembled immediately.

Industrial mobile vacuum cleaner

PURE-AIR technology and after-sales service staff will actively contact the company at a certain time to inform the application status of the industrial mobile vacuum cleaner filter element of the smoke and dust purification equipment in the company's workshop, whether it must be replaced and other humanized services!

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