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Pure-Air laser dust collector manufacture

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High-efficiency purification treatment solution, environmental protection, long application period, reliable quality, this is what every industrial production dust collector, laser cutting machine dust collector, laser engraving fumes extractor manufacturer has been doing. For more than 10 years, we have tried our best to develop and manufacture new products for industrial production of laser generators and industrial production of dust collectors.

Workshop polishing machine dust collector, workshop polishing and dust removal machinery and equipment are used in the entire process of industrial production to polish, polish and remove dust, fiber optic fiber laser cutting and dust removal, polishing and polishing, dust removal, crushing and dust removal, and reasonable solution Inhalable particulate matter such as dust. According to the dust removal machinery and equipment, the entire process of obtaining such micro-inhalable particles from the acetylene gas vapor is the entire process of industrial production and dust removal.

laser engraving fumes extractor

Laser cutting machine dust collector, laser engraving fumes extractor includes: dust removal hood, dust removal pipeline, dust collector, centrifugal fan and other parts. Based on the polishing and polishing dust processing technology, we developed and designed the workshop polishing machine dust collector. The design plan was installed especially in the production of centrifugal fans, and the single-pulse anti-hair dryer was used to remove dust. In addition, the modified storm dust collector can carry out remediation from the source of dust, causing an air ring around the dust to avoid dust outflow, ensuring that most of the dust is sucked into the dust removal machinery and equipment, and can maximize the maintenance staff. And the surrounding environment. It is widely used in the grinding and polishing of furniture, manufacturing, cast iron parts and other fields, as well as the dust removal and remediation of grinding and polishing workshops.

The perfect ISO9001 quality management system guarantees product quality and continuously upgrades and updates. Based on providing users with safer, smarter and more efficient smoke and dust purification equipment, we will continue to improve R&D and management capabilities to enhance the company's core competitiveness. 

polishing machine dust collector

Committed to building a global leading brand of safe, intelligent and efficient smoke and dust purification equipment. More than 3,000 square meters of standard workshops, 10 years of production and more than 30 industry application experience.

If you want to buy dust collector for laser, please contact with ‘Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,Ltd.’.