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PURE-AIR metal dust collector, the choice for metal processing and manufacturing companies!

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A certain amount of metal or metal and non-metallic dust will be produced during the processing and production process. When the dust concentration in the air reaches the explosion limit, it will encounter ignition sources (grinding and grinding are prone to sparks), which is prone to explosion accidents. In particular, aluminum, magnesium dust and mixed dust containing aluminum, magnesium and other non-ferrous metal components have greater explosion hazards and require a Metal dust collector.

Metal dust is highly sensitive to fire. The minimum ignition capacity of most metal powders is less than 10 ml. Ultra-fine metal powder, the minimum ignition capacity is less than 1ml, and the ignition sensitivity is strong. According to statistics, high-temperature surfaces, impact, friction and static sparks are common ignition sources for dust explosion accidents.

Dust collector

Metal dust with high fire sensitivity is easy to catch fire under the action of static sparks and other fire sources, causing dust explosion accidents, and serious consequences after the accident.

When the metal Dust collector is used for dust removal, bag filter dust removal and cyclone dust removal technology are used.

Advantages: high dust removal efficiency, especially for fine powder, reaching more than 99.7%; strong adaptability, can handle different types of particulate pollutants (including high specific resistance dust that is difficult to handle by electric precipitators), which can be large or small; dust removal efficiency is not Affected by dust concentration. Dry materials are easy to recycle, and there is no sludge treatment.

Metal powder dust collector

Summary: Metal powder dust collector should take measures to prevent and control dust explosion according to the characteristics of dust explosion, and adopt one or more explosion-proof devices to reduce explosion hazard, such as explosive devices, inert devices, explosion-proof devices, explosion-proof devices, etc. All four devices are the best.

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