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PURE-AIR, mobile dust collector, mobile dust collector, safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly!

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     Many companies have various machinery and equipment in their production workshops, as well as some storage areas for raw materials that need to be processed, which makes it more troublesome for companies to place a Fume purification equipment in the workshop. Once it is moved, many changes are involved. So companies need a mobile dust collector and mobile dust collector to solve these problems.

Mobile dust collector, mobile dust collector, can be understood literally. It is convenient for companies to remove dust in the workshop. You don't need to worry too much about other matters, you can complete the work well. But also pay attention to the key points described below.

Mobile dust collector

Mobile dust collector, mobile dust collector can not be used indifferently after installation, it has certain operating standards. First, the operating time of the system must be controlled. Under all normal conditions, after eight hours of accumulated work, machinery and equipment must be turned off to carry out ash removal. Naturally, if the machine equipment is equipped with a single-pulse anti-blowing dust removal system software, there is no need to stop the equipment, just press the gas generator button to gradually and automatically remove dust. Nowadays, the working hour system of many factories is that the employees change shifts in turn, and the equipment has not stopped running. If it is stipulated that the Welding fume purifier continues to operate, it is proposed to use a fume purification equipment equipped with a pulse reverse blowing dust removal system software.

Welding fume purifier

PURE-AIR technology focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of industrial smoke and dust purification equipment, reliable quality, energy saving and environmental protection, efficient purification, factory direct sales!

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