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PURE-AIR mobile dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, explosion-proof vacuum equipment, manufacturer for 10 years!

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In addition to the requirements for basic cleaning capabilities, the mobile dust Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner also needs to have special functions such as explosion-proof and fire-proof, water absorption, metal absorption, iron filings, and particles. Explosion-proof vacuum cleaners are cleaning equipment that manufacturers pay more attention to. They not only have basic requirements for these equipment, but also have high requirements for their explosion-proof capabilities. So how should a factory choose an industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner?

The choice of Industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner is a more cautious question. In special circumstances, explosion-proof requirements are imposed on the machine. Improper selection of equipment will affect safety production.

Industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Mobile Dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Therefore, when purchasing an explosion-proof industrial vacuum cleaner, you must first consider it from a safety perspective. During use, industrial vacuum cleaners generate static electricity. Common indoor vacuum cleaners are common motors. Dust may rub against the machine to generate static electricity after inhaling explosive dust. If it is not handled properly, it will cause safety hazards. When purchasing an explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, you should choose a vacuum cleaner that can eliminate static electricity. Since the dust is inhaled and rubbed to generate static electricity, the machine can eliminate static electricity.

Dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

In fact, mobile dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaners should be selected with high-precision explosion-proof vacuum cleaners, so that the machine can filter dust well and prevent dust from entering the cabin, generating static electricity or damaging the motor.

With the needs of the industry and the continuous innovation of vacuum cleaner technology, industrial vacuum cleaners have gradually penetrated into major factories and enterprises at home and abroad, and have become indispensable clean dust removal equipment in the industrial field.

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