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PURE-AIR, reflow soldering smoke filte factory direct sales!

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The role of reflow soldering smoke filter: metal will produce a variety of toxic and harmful gases during industrial welding or other processing. The reflow soldering smoke extractor welding waste gas collection equipment adopts a multi-stage purification device to purify welding smoke and waste gas, which is both effective It can remove welding fumes and exhaust gas, and can degrade the tar smell of welding fumes and various toxic and harmful gases. Protect the working environment and reduce pollution; it can also protect the health of workers from smoke and dust. 5. The equipment has a built-in automatic pulse ash cleaning device to maintain a constant suction volume and a constant purification capacity of the equipment.

reflow soldering fume extractor

Spot welding machine will produce some smoke and dust when welding, some people want to ask where does the smoke and dust come from? Spot welding machine welding uses high temperature to promote the evaporation of metal, so smoke will be formed during welding. This smoke is in the air. After condensation, it becomes soot. How can we reduce the formation of this kind of smoke while we are working?

The harm of welding fumes to the human body. The harm of welding fumes to the human body is that the dust particles accumulate in the lungs of the human body. But as long as there is a correct welding posture and a good working environment (good ventilation), the harm to the human body is not small, and occupational diseases will form for a long time! Must be equipped with reflow soldering fume extractor, welding exhaust gas collection equipment!

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