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PURE-AIR's industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, explosion-proof dust removal equipment, to ensure the production safety of the workshop!

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Repeated dust explosion accidents have made people aware of the terrible dust in production, including metal dust, wood chips, and grain dust. Since then, how to effectively control the hidden danger of dust explosion has become the top priority of the safety production work over the years, the Industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

In 2021, the Basic Department of Changshu Emergency Management Bureau officially launched a special inspection of dust explosion enterprises in the city. The inspection adopts the model of expert diagnosis + elite law enforcement. More than 200 people are planned to be dispatched for 2 weeks. Based on the dust explosion situation in the three-year operation, the inspection will be carried out to the front line to conduct network inspections of 53 dust explosion enterprises in our city.

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

(1) Whether different types of combustible dust, combustible dust, combustible gas and other flammable and explosive dangerous media share a set of dust removal system, and whether the dust removal systems of different fireproof areas are connected.

Whether the control measures such as explosion venting, explosion isolation, inerting, explosion suppression and explosion prevention of the dry dust removal system are adopted in a standardized manner;

Should a gravity sedimentation chamber be used for dust removal, or an industrial Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner?

Whether metal dust, such as Aluminum magnesium dust removal system, adopts negative pressure to remove dust; whether other combustible dust adopts positive pressure to blow dust; whether measures such as spark detection and elimination are standardized to prevent ignition sources.

Aluminum magnesium dust removal system

5. Does the technology of crushing, grinding, granulating and polishing that easily produce mechanical sparks stipulate measures to prevent ignition sources such as garbage removal and spark detection and removal.

The specifications of the dust removal system are formulated, but there is no timely and standardized dust removal on the dust accumulation of the operation site and related equipment and facilities; whether the collection, storage and treatment of metal dust such as aluminum and magnesium have adopted waterproof, moisture-proof, ventilation and hydrogen monitoring, etc. Necessary industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner.

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