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PURE-AIR workshop explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, pulse dust removal equipment, 10 years manufacturer!

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Workshop explosion-proof vacuum cleaner is used in the production workshops of factories and enterprises to help enterprises remove dust safely and efficiently!

Its design guiding ideology is to organize local airflow and control the flow direction of suspended dust according to site conditions to achieve the purpose of dust exhaust. To this end, two methods of lateral exhaust and lateral supplementation were adopted to organize wind rectification. The dust collector adopts a high-efficiency filter cartridge, and the gas treated by the dust collector meets the standard air quality and can be directly discharged indoors without being discharged outdoors.

Industrial dust purification equipment

The clean air quality meets the cleanliness standards of European and American workshops, and there is no need to discharge a large amount of air, which is conducive to the insulation of the workshop, thereby saving energy. Workpiece describes the work that workers put on the work piece or on the ground while they are working. The grinding tool used by the staff is electric or grinding with a sander. Due to the complex shape of the workpiece and the different shapes and sizes, workers often change the direction and position of the workpiece while working, and the diffusion direction of the dust is constantly changing.

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

in addition, the grinding wheel rotates at high speed during work, and the dust generated on the workpiece is rapidly outward along the tangent line Diffusion brings great dust diffusion to the factory. According to the current direction of operation, it is difficult for many people to control dust.

PURE-AIR technology, dedicated to the manufacture of industrial dust purification equipment for 10 years, the professional team has cast a high-quality safety workshop Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner!

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