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Safe and reliable PURE-AIR production workshop explosion-proof dust collector, 10 years of professional manufacturing!

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If there is a lot of dust on the road in the workshop, it is recommended that everyone choose a hand-held industrial production vacuum cleaner and choose an external squeegee to work. Unlike the dust brush, the speed of picking up the dust is faster, especially when cleaning the road surface. The rate is controlled by the staff, and the equipment is gently promoted to restore the true face of the road surface. High efficiency is very high. It can also be put away independently. air purifier air cleaner

Fix the dust on the machinery and equipment. If there is dust on the manufacturing machinery and equipment in the workshop, it is recommended that everyone remove it according to the specific situation.

air purifier air purifier

First: Use a simple portable vacuum cleaner and install flat vacuum suction cups to carry out in-depth removal of dust particles and chemical substances in the gaps of mechanical equipment.

Second: Apply mobile auxiliary facility vacuum cleaners, and immediately apply them to production equipment supporting facilities. When the mechanical equipment is produced, the vacuum cleaner will run at the same time and will not give the dust "coming out" opportunities. air purifier air purifier

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3: Remediation of metal material dust under unique conditions

Such as: steel concentrators, workshops of this kind, the temperature is relatively high, ordinary industrial production vacuum cleaners can not withstand the high temperature and high temperature of the natural environment, let alone long-term work. Therefore, for this kind of unique site, it is recommended that everyone use heat-resistant, explosion-proof special workshop explosion-proof dust collector, such workshop explosion-proof dust collector is equipped with non-civilized explosion-proof centrifugal fan, explosion-proof power box and heat-resistant components And so on, it can work in the natural environment of various heavy industry machinery for a long time, and it is not prone to safety accidents such as over-temperature short-circuit failure and fire. air purifier big

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