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The dust collector in the grinding and polishing workshop, the PURE-AIR dust collector equipment is sold directly by the factory.

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As we all know, metal alloys are widely used in our lives, ranging from screws, cans, smart watch dials, to airplanes, rockets and other aerospace fields. In industrial production, metal products need to go through a series of processing procedures to get a product that meets the requirements. laser fume extractor 110v

Nowadays, metal surface treatment processes generally include spraying, electroplating, wire drawing, sandblasting, anodizing, passivation, oxidation, polishing and so on. Among them, the polishing process has the greatest impact on metal gloss. There are many polishing processes now, including manual polishing, vibration polishing, magnetic polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing, and so on. These polishing methods require products such as sandpaper, polishing paste, vibrating grinder, and polishing agent.

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In particular, mechanical polishing is a relatively common method in the industry, but the large number of companies means that it will cause certain damage to the surrounding environment and the health of front-line polishing and polishing personnel.

PURE-AIR technology focuses on the manufacture of environmentally friendly dust removal equipment such as laser fume extractor active carbon. laser fume extractor carbon

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