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During the Winter Olympics, the venues in Zhangjiakou, Beijing achieved carbon neutrality and achieved the expected results. Therefore, China always proves to the world that it will walk the talk in the way of a great power. In particular, the surrounding industrial parks are equipped with fume extractor laser printers in industrial plants.

The smoke and dust purification equipment in the industrial plant will not affect the appearance of the surrounding of the enterprise park, but it will better clean the workshop and the surrounding environment. Year-round soot pollution from many parks coats nearby trees, flowers and plants in a thick layer of dust, making surrounding residential areas uninhabitable. It's also a headache for the country. It cannot effectively remove soot, which is also caused by the rapid rise of industrial production and processing in China. It is impossible to fundamentally control the soot emissions of SMEs. Therefore, the introduction of relevant national environmental protection policies is a booster to promote the new development of national environmental protection.

Located in Dongguan, known as the "World Factory", PURE-AIR Technology has always been known as a pioneer in the field of environmental protection and dust removal. Obtained various qualification certificates at home and abroad for many times. Over the years, it has maintained long-term cooperation with many Fortune 500 companies and continued to set a new example for the global environmental protection industry. hot selling fume extractor

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