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Workshop mobile vacuum cleaner, industrial mobile vacuum cleaner, PURE-AIR purifies smoke and dust pollution!

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PURE-AIR technology, workshop mobile vacuum cleaner, industrial mobile vacuum cleaner, 10 years of focus on R&D and manufacturing, factory direct sales!

1. Industrial mobile vacuum cleaner collects and separates the whole process. The essence is the concentration of dust. The dust that is evenly mixed or floating in the carrier material enters the dust removal room of the dust removal equipment. Because of the external force, the dust changes to the separation interface. As the dust changes to the separation interface, the concentration value becomes larger and larger, making further preparations for solid-gas separation.

Mobile vacuum cleaner

Dust separation link. When the denser dust flow flows into the separation interface, firstly, the working ability of the carrying material to carry the dust is slowly reached the limit. In the development trend of dust floating and foundation settlement, the foundation settlement is the leading factor, and according to the dust foundation Settling to separate it from the carrier material; secondly, in the dense dust stream, the spreading and cohesive development trend of dust particles is dominated by cohesion, and the particles can condense between each other or at the essential interface Condense and suck on.

Cartridge dust removal equipment

2. After the entire process of industrial Mobile vacuum cleaner exhausting dust passes through the separation interface, the separated dust is exhausted according to the exhaust port. After the exhaust pipe has been ash removed, the frictional resistance of the Cartridge dust removal equipment during the entire process where the relatively purified cyclone is discharged from the air outlet increases with the increase in the thickness of the dust layer on the surface of the filter cartridge. When the friction resistance reaches a certain standard value, ash removal is carried out. At this time, the PLC system controls the pulse solenoid valve to open, and the air compression and short time swells in the upper box body quickly, rushing into the filter cartridge, causing the filter cartridge to swell and deform and cause vibration, and under the effect of reverse cyclone flushing, The dust adhering to the surface of the filter cartridge is detached and dropped into the silo. After the ash removal, the pulse solenoid valve is turned off.

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