Denture Polishing Dust Collector

Denture Polishing Dust Collector

Denture Polishing Dust Collector


Denture Polishing Dust Collector

Pure-Air PA-400TS-LD-HP-IQ / PA-800TS-LD-HP-IQ dental dust collector is suitable fDenture Polishing Dust Collectoror dust collection for denture polishing, for dental Lab & dental clinic application. We have high negative pressure with large selection of dental lab and dental office dust collectors.


  • Denture Polishing Dust Collector
  • Denture Polishing Dust Collector
  • Denture Polishing Dust Collector


Working Principle

The brushless fan in the purifier generates air volume and negative pressure, sucks the smoke and exhaust gas into the filter, and discharges it indoors after being purified by multi-stage filter elements such as primary, medium, high efficiency and gas filters.

pure air dust collector

Features and advantages

Pure-Air dust collector

(1). The body is small in size, low in running noise, and equipped with casters for easy movement;

(2). TS-IQ, TD-IQ, FS-IQ series are equipped with low power consumption, maintenance-free, high-volume brushless fans, stable operation and long service life. The TS-LD-HP-IQ series is equipped with a high negative pressure brushless fan with large suction power;

(3). The air volume can be adjusted, and the LCD display can check the air volume and gear of the machine;

(4). The control system has a filter element blockage alarm function, prompting to replace the filter element in time;

(5). Configure wireless remote control to facilitate remote operation of the machine. The remote linkage start-stop interface can also be configured;

(6). Multi-stage large-capacity filter to ensure efficient purification of smoke, odor and harmful gases. It can be equipped with a special filter element to purify the smoke and harmful gases generated by PVC materials;

(7). The filtration efficiency of smoke and dust is as high as 99.7%@0.3 microns (our company's self-test), which can be discharged indoors;

(8). The filter element can be replaced separately, which reduces the use cost of the filter element and makes it easier to maintain and replace the filter element;

(9). Stainless steel chassis can be customized according to customer requirements.

(10)With castors, easily to move.

Product Detail

♦ Brushless fan, low noise and stable operation

The power system adopts a single-phase brushless motor, 110V/220V power supply is convenient to access, and can realize stepless speed regulation, and realize the choice of air volume according to the working conditions;

The biggest advantage of brushless fans is low noise operation, stable operation, maintenance-free, and long service life. Through our special design, the wind pressure and air volume parameters are kept above a high level, so as to ensure that smoke, odor and harmful gases can be quickly extracted from the source of dust;

Multi-blade alloy wind wheel, professional dynamic balance correction, stable and reliable operation, to avoid long-term use of deformation.

dust collector motor

♦ Professional control circuit, safe and reliable

♦ LCD display for easy operation

The electrical system adopts the safety modular control panel specially designed by our company, and the key components adopt imported brands and materials to fully guarantee the safety and reliability of equipment operation. And has industry-specific 110V and 220V input voltage compatible switching function;

LCD liquid crystal display can display real-time data such as fan speed, air volume, gear position, etc. The air volume unit can be switched to facilitate understanding of the working status of the equipment and operations;

When the filter is detected to be clogged, the LCD screen of the control panel will flash the filter element clogging alarm symbol and the buzzer alarm function. Remind the user to clean the dust or replace the filter.

fume extractor for laser cutting

♦ Four-stage combined filter element, thorough purification

The filtration system adopts a four-stage filter element for purification. Modular design, layered protection. The primary, medium, high-efficiency and gas activated carbon filter elements can be replaced individually, with longer service life and lower cost of use;

Filter step by step to ensure that harmful smoke and dust are thoroughly purified. The purification rate of dust with a diameter of 0.3 microns is as high as 99.9%;

The special activated carbon filter with catalyst can absorb and purify a variety of odors and toxic and harmful substances in the air.


Quick-disassembly design, quick and convenient to replace filter

Filter replacement mode adopts quick disassembly design. The operator only needs to rotate 90 degrees counterclockwise with a matching outer hexagonal wrench, which can take off the filter, clean up and replace it, which is convenient and quick, and ensures good air tightness.

Left and right air inlet, variable air outlet design

The air inlet adopts the left and right air inlet design, the customer can freely choose the left or right air inlet according to the different position of the equipment, reduce the length of the pipe and unnecessary winding;

The outlet can choose the standard outlet with long strip silencing device, discharge directly indoors, or add a circular outlet directly through the pipeline or connect to the central exhaust system (special description when the order is confirmed).



pureair fume extractor

NO. Name NO. Name
1 Control and display panel 5 Louver air outlet
2 Smoke Inlet 6 Power Outlet
3 Hasp 7 Foot Pad/ Casters
4 Buckle    

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