PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner

PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner

PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner

PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner

PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner

PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner


PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner

Pure-Air PA-22LT-HP / PA-55LT-HP high negative pressure vacuum cleaner is suitable for the purification of smoke and harmful gases in the production process of laser cutting and drilling of circuit boards, and laser etching.


  • PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner
  • PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner
  • PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner
  • PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner
  • PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner
  • PCB Board Drilling Vacuum Cleaner


Working Principle

The high-performance fan in the purifier generates negative pressure and sucks the smoke and exhaust gas into the filter, which is purified by the imported High efficiency filter cartridge and discharged indoors. The filter cartridge can be repeatedly used after being sprayed with compressed air.

PCB board drilling vacuum cleaner

Features and advantages

(1). Special structure design, small volume, low operating noise, and movable;

(2). Using special aluminum alloy impeller and Siemens Three phase motor, perfect combination of negative pressure and flow; stable operation, low failure rate, continuous operation;

(3). Set the main power switch, the electric control element adopts thermal overload protection, phase loss and phase sequence protection, high safety, and can realize remote control and linkage control functions;

(4). Japanese Toray high-efficiency membrane filter cartridge is standard configuration, and the dust filtration efficiency is up to 99.7%@0.3 microns (note: our company's self-test);

(5). A fire-stop device is installed at the Inlet to prevent direct contact between sparks and the filter cartridge and damage the filter cartridge;

(6). A manual dust removal door is set to clean the dust inside the machine to prevent dust leakage;

(7). The universal joint suction arm can hover at any position at 360 degrees. The Smoking hood adopts a large-caliber design to inhale smoke and dust with maximum efficiency; the Smoking arm hose is made of polyester, which is fire-resistant and flame-retardant.

Product Detail

♦ The power system adopts Siemens three-phase asynchronous motor, equipped with special customized aluminum alloy impeller, perfect combination of negative pressure and flow, stable operation, low failure rate, low noise, and can work continuously for 24 hours.

vacuum cleaner motor

The main electronic control components of the electrical system adopt the international famous brand-French Schneider. Independent control of electric box, built-in AC contactor, thermal overload protection, phase sequence protection such as phase loss and reverse phase. The control panel is simple and clear, and can easily realize the remote linkage control function.

Schneider Electronic Components

♦ High-efficiency PTFE coated filter cartridge, high filtration accuracy   The filter system is equipped with Japanese Toray PTFE membrane filter cartridges as standard, and the filtration accuracy for dust with a diameter of 0.3 microns or more can reach 99.5% or more. A variety of filter cartridges of different materials are also available.

Patented automatic rotating pulse back-blowing technology, the cleaning effect is 3 times higher than the traditional method   The pulse blowback system is composed of gas storage tank, solenoid valve, pulse controller, automatic rotating injection components, etc.

When the pulse controller sends out a pulse signal, the solenoid valve starts to work. The high-pressure air jetted out at a very high flow rate enters the inner wall of the filter cartridge through the automatic rotating blowing assembly, causing the filter cartridge to expand sharply, causing shock and vibration, and causing the smoke and dust attached to the surface of the filter cartridge to be shaken off into the dust collecting drawer.

vacuum cleaner for PCB board drilling

♦ Drawer dust box, practical and convenient   The dust box adopts a drawer structure. When there is a lot of dust accumulation, open the door, pull out the dust box to clean up the dust, and then send the dust box in after completion. Convenient, fast and practical.

♦ Industrial casters, non-slip and wear-resistantThe machine casters are made of top-grade polyurethane (PU), and the bracket is made of 2.5mm pickling board to increase the reinforcement. The 3 inch casters can carry 150kg each, and the tread is designed to enhance the anti-skid performance.

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laser dust collector






Power Indicator


Air outlet


Running lights




Stop indicator


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Differential pressure gauge




Stop switch




Run switch


Plastic clasp


Emergency stop switch







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