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With more than 10 years of rich R&D and production experience, PURE-AIR has its own views on dust treatment and purification, such as: various fume extractor, dust filters, and other environmental protection equipment, which will eventually be used by major corporate consumers. They think it is a simple device for dust removal. What they don't know is that it is these environmental protection equipment. PURE-AIR has been doing it, and doing it very well, will there be a strong alliance of various Fortune 500 companies.

fume extractor

Dust collector and vacuum cleaner are widely used in industries such as hardware injection molding, machinery manufacturing, ink coating, new energy lithium batteries, aerospace, automotive trim and other industries.

The reason why these industries need the dust purification equipment of environmental protection technology is that the production of these industries is not only dust and soot, but some will produce uncomfortable odors, which makes the technicians working in the front line receive all kinds of This kind of unfavorable taste interference from the outside world reduces the operating efficiency of enterprise technical personnel, and may even affect the operating accuracy of technical personnel, resulting in unqualified products. Cause the company's costs to rise.

vacuum cleaner

Since its establishment in 2011, Pure-Air has more than tens of thousands of customers. For large welding smoke polishing workshop, 3D printing, paint and ink factory, new fabricated home building materials production, PCB electronic leading enterprise, export to Europe and America automotive trim factory, well-known home appliance power equipment coating, daily chemical industry, lithium battery power supply, aerospace Brand customers such as new materials and medical waste incineration stations have completed dust control project cases, avoiding incomplete dust collection, powder leakage, powder blocking, dust explosion and other problems. The solution is reasonable and economical, the equipment operation is stable, and the customer's workshop indoor and outdoor emissions Double standards, stable equipment performance, high purification efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, won the recognition of customers.

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