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Industrial wood dust extractor manufacturers have a very urgent understanding of how companies choose high-quality, reliable, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly industrial dust collector manufacturers. Because of the special domestic environmental impact, many companies cannot effectively and thoroughly understand the specific purification methods of industrial fume extraction.

Dust removal equipment and industrial gas filter are no longer mysterious and advanced technologies. They have long been used in all areas of people’s daily life, from clothing, food, housing, transportation to environment, health, life and national defense security, dust pollution and people’s safety. Physical health is closely related. With the increasingly stringent national environmental regulations and the increase in public awareness of environmental protection, a series of problems caused by dust pollution have received more and more attention.

industrial fume extraction

Researchers at Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co., Ltd. began to explore the sources, hazards, impacts on human health of dust pollutants, and feasible solutions. There are three main ways to control dust pollution: one is to eliminate pollution sources; the other is to enhance air circulation; and the third is to purify pollutants.

Finally, Pure-Air's scientific researchers have analyzed the methods to control dust pollution:

1. The actual operation of eliminating pollution sources is more difficult, because various realistic factors have to be considered.

2. Ventilation is simple and economical, but in areas with serious external dust pollution, the use of ventilation no longer has any positive effect on reducing and eliminating pollution, but the house needs to be renovated, and the effect has not reached the expected dust removal effect.

3. Controlling pollution through purification technology has become an effective means of improving the environment or purchasing dust purification equipment to directly purify dust pollution from the source.

industrial gas filter

Then it is difficult to find a manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in R&D and production of industrial portable dust collectors. If it is not for more than 10 years of manufacturing and production, many manufacturers have little willingness to develop technology and upgrade new equipment. However, manufacturers like Pure-Air that integrate R&D, manufacturing, and sales are the ultimate choice for the majority of corporate customers.

So if you want to buy a high quality dust collector, please remember to contact with ‘Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,Ltd.’.