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Choose the solder fume purifier of Dongguan PURE-AIR technology!

Release date:2021-10-16 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Recently, in the clean and bright workshop of BYD Group, a machine with a white suitcase-like main body has been added. These little guys, who look like suitcases, can easily dispose of the smoke and dust generated during the PCB soldering process, and the workshop environment becomes much cleaner and fresher in an instant.

Yes, the case I want to share with you today is that many electronic processing plants need to remove smoke and dust when processing PCB circuit boards, aliased as high quality dust collector!

As a one-stop supplier of mobile phone parts, BYD produces a variety of high-quality mobile phone parts. As a leading ODM supplier in the industry, BYD relies on a vertically integrated development model to provide customers with a full range of services including product design, manufacturing, testing, assembly and after-sales.

high quality exhaust extractor

The company’s IT products and business mainly include rechargeable batteries, plastic mechanical parts, metal parts, hardware and electronic products, mobile phone buttons, microelectronics, liquid crystal display modules, optoelectronics, flexible circuit boards, chargers, connectors, uninterrupted Power supply, DC power supply, solar products, mobile phone decoration, mobile phone design, mobile phone testing, mobile phone assembly business, notebook computer design and development, testing and manufacturing assembly business, etc. The company is unremittingly committed to technological innovation, improvement of R&D strength and improvement of service system. The main customers are Nokia, Motorola, Samsung and other top customer groups in the international communications industry.

high quality fume extraction system laser

As we all know, the removal of solder fume from PCB circuit boards is a big annoyance for BYD. Especially when the service target is a global outstanding company like BYD Electronics Group, the bidding cooperation becomes more intense. In the end, after rigorous inspection and review of many high quality exhaust extractors, Dongguan PURE-AIR Technology's high quality fume extraction system laser was selected.

If you want buy fume extractor, please contact with Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,ltd, E-mail: sales@pure-airtech.com.