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Create a smoke-free workshop, using PURE-AIR technology smoke purifier.

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The smoke and dust in the enterprise workshop is not a big problem, but it is a very troublesome thing. Therefore, some companies simply get a ventilation device, but there is no essence to solve the problem. However, the laser marking machine can efficiently purify these harmful gases and smoke.

Workshop smoke and dust has always been a problem that companies have encountered and cannot solve in the early years. The only way to install laser system ventilation is to let the staff wear protective clothing such as masks, but it does not solve the peculiar smell and smoke, but only serves as protection. The smoke and dust in the workshop has not been effectively removed.

laser system

Workers and equipment are exposed to the smoke and dust environment of the workshop for a long time. The smoke and dust will damage some precision equipment, and the operating efficiency will gradually decrease, which will shorten the life of the equipment and increase the cost of the enterprise invisibly. Workers who work for a long time in the smoke and dust environment will have health problems sooner or later, and enterprises will face huge compensations that cannot be avoided. Later, due to the frequent occurrence of occupational diseases, job talents became more and more difficult to obtain. It will cause companies to face a state of lack of personnel, which will greatly reduce the efficiency of the company.

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For soot purification, PURE-AIR technology has a wealth of industry experience. Relying on a strong self-research team, the laser soldering machine price of PURE-AIR technology can efficiently purify smoke and harmful gases while saving energy and environmental protection. It can also allow enterprises to pass the environmental assessment test with peace of mind.

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