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PURE-AIR vacuum cleaner explosion-proof, explosion-proof vacuum cleaner brand, professional quality assurance!

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Improper piping design and operation can cause soot to accumulate and cause an explosion. Explosion-proof Dust Collector Brand!

Pipes should be made of steel to remove fish to avoid accumulation of fish, and fish should be appropriately added to the pipes to meet the requirements of normal operation and failure conditions. The air dust concentration in the pipes should not exceed 50% of the lower explosion limit.

In order to prevent dust from accumulating in the pipeline, use a round pipe for combustible dust. Try to shorten the length of the horizontal pipe and reduce the number of elbows. Do not set the end and bag mouth on the pipe to avoid dust accumulation. A level should be set every 6 meters. tube. The pipe entrance is fastened with metal parts and connected with the transition area such as the horizontal connection area of the pipe.

Explosion-proof dust collector brand

After preventing the local pipeline explosion, the further development of the explosion can be controlled immediately, and the explosion caused by the explosion can be prevented from spreading and leaking, causing dust to fly, causing secondary explosions, pipeline overhead laying, underground and semi-underground buildings, and the pipeline length of underground construction is concealed and configured. 6 meters apart, branch pipes merge into the centralized exhaust pipe interface 1 meter upstream of the central exhaust pipe, set the exhaust pressure range, open the radial control exhaust pipes that meet the requirements, and each exhaust pipe connection is equipped with automatic explosion-proof If the control exhaust pipe is installed in the building, the exhaust pipe with a length of not more than 6 meters shall be introduced into the outdoor. Explosion-proof dust collector brand!

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Do not use piping to connect between systems. In order to prevent splashes on the piping, the entrance of the vacuum hood should not splash in the front direction. Piping and accessories should be designed to reduce pressure.

The cause of the emergency fire-fighting accident is improper selection of fire-fighting equipment. It is strictly forbidden to use ordinary fire extinguishers when extinguishing fire extinguishing agents. Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner brand! PURE-AIR technology!

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