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Engraving smoke purifier, laser smoke purifier, PURE-AIR manufacturer!

Release date:2021-07-22 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Along with the development trend of the high-tech level of industrial production, the proper processing plant workshop has also encountered the embarrassing situation of gathering machines and equipment and working air pollution. Especially the popular environmental assessments in recent years have also embarrassed the utilization of workshop space in many processing plants. After all, if you want to evaluate the environment, you must be equipped with a matching environmental protection Carved smoke purifier, and the advent of this laser smoke purifier equipment will undoubtedly further squeeze the original processing plant workshop indoor space.

Here, I strongly recommend a welding fume purifier-single and double-arm welding fume purifier that occupies a small area, has a strong purification effect, and can be moved at will.

Laser smoke purifier

Judging from the basic principles of actual operation and the characteristics of the machine and equipment, this movable engraving smoke purifier is very convenient and quick in actual operation. The breathing arm hovering at 360 degrees can remove ash immediately from point to point. Even if the dust generation point is not fixed, you can also use this smoke purifier to efficiently purify and deal with the engraving smoke and dust in the workshop.

Judging from the appearance and footprint of the machinery and equipment, the overall structure of the smoke and dust purifier is very compact and the size is exquisite. With movable casters, it can freely walk through the workshop without occupying too much indoor space.

Single and double arm welding fume purifier

From the perspective of the high efficiency of fume purification, the engraving fume purifier has a huge total filtering area and a long service life of the filter element. With a powerful centrifugal fan, the high efficiency of welding fume purification can reach 99.7%!

From the perspective of application scenarios, this single- and double-arm welding fume purifier, regardless of its design or essential purification equipment, is particularly suitable for applications under working conditions such as small welding points and unfixed processes.

In general, if the dust generating point in your workshop is not fixed and the total indoor space is tight, why not consider the engraving fume purifier, the actual effect of fume purification will definitely make you satisfied! Interested friends can leave a message to communicate!

If you want buy fume extractor, please contact with Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,ltd, E-mail: sales@pure-airtech.com.