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How about the mobile smoke and dust purification machine, PURE-AIR industrial smoke and dust purification machine manufacturing!

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PURE-AIR Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, which is known as the world factory. For the past ten years, it has focused on environmental pollution cleaning treatment and scientific research. It is a company that specializes in technology and product development, production and sales of dust collector nail.

PURE-AIR technology is very dedicated to product quality and product research and development, and has independently developed "dust collector pharmaceutical" and "dust collector pharmaceutical" and "dual filter cartridge single pulse dust recycling device". The actual process and filtering effects have been widely used by customers in 61 countries and regions. Agree. PURE-AIR continues to enhance the quality of corporate products and expand the scope of product use.

dust collector pharmaceutical

The product has developed filtering system software suitable for different industries and different conditions. Its products can be commonly used in: beauty and skin care salons, hospital outpatient clinics; electrical and electronic production Manufacturing: solder wire, immersion tin, flow-back furnace; laser welding, laser cutting, printing, hand-engraving, barcode; laboratory, arc welding, argon welding, plasma cutting machine, metal material polishing and drilling; LED production Manufacturing, automobile industry, furniture manufacturing, electroplating process, various accessories production and many other industries.

dust collector plasma cutting

Dongguan PURE-AIR has been working hard to solve the smoke and dust pollution in the enterprise workshop. With the idea of self-developed technology at the beginning of the development of PURE-AIR, it will develop new smoke and dust purification equipment every year, especially dust collector plasma cutting. Environmental protection dust and smoke removal equipment!

If you want buy fume extractor, please contact with Dongguan Pure-Air Tech Co.,ltd, E-mail: sales@pure-airtech.com.