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Industrial dust collector, industrial vacuum equipment, PURE-AIR 10 years of dust removal equipment manufacturers direct sales!

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All kinds of industrial dust collector (PURE-AIR machinery) dust collector (PURE-AIR machinery) dust removal type grinding and polishing table clean grinding and polishing table are all special tools for environmental protection dust removal and dust removal, suitable for all kinds of welding, polishing, Grinding and polishing and product workpiece grinding and polishing, plasma cutting machine, etc. Widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metallurgical industry, power engineering, chemical plants, decorative building materials, forging, mechanical equipment manufacturing and other fields of raw material recycling, dust recycling and air purification.

Use characteristics of industrial vacuum equipment:

1. The integrated high-efficiency filter cartridge has a filtration efficiency of 99.97% for smoke and dust (0.3μm), and can maintain a very high total gas flow.

Industrial vacuum cleaner equipment

2. A baffle is set at the air inlet of the equipment to prevent the smoke and dust cyclones from immediately impacting the filter element and prolong the service life of the filter element.

3. The centrifugal fan is a high-efficiency cyclone centrifugal fan, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and stable operation.

4. In order to better avoid noise pollution and meet the national noise environmental protection standards.

5. Compact structure, small footprint, double-station or multi-station can work at the same time.

6. Effectively select filter media based on the characteristics of smoke and dust to achieve a reasonable collection of smoke and dust with different characteristics.

7. The single-pulse reverse blowing type automatic dust removal can ensure that the machinery and equipment are in good operating condition from beginning to end.

9. The dust collector box of the parts cabinet is convenient and convenient to pour ash.

Smoke purification machine

10. Clear and simple actual operation control panel.

11. Unique desktop all-in-one design scheme, built-in dust removal system software, centrifugal fan sound insulation, no need for pipeline connection, cleaned gas can be discharged in the room circulation system.

12. Corresponding specifications and models can be customized according to customer requirements.

PURE-AIR, a technology specialized in the production of industrial dust collectors, Industrial vacuum cleaner equipment and other equipment, as well as many industrial production smoke and dust purification equipment. Quality assurance, factory wholesale.

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