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Release date:2021-05-13 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

Mobile dust collectors, industrial vacuum cleaners and other professional environmental protection equipment, as the manufacturer's environmental protection technology, has a wealth of experience in supply.

fume extractor

How to use mobile dust collectors and industrial vacuum cleaners efficiently:

Industrial vacuum cleaners can be used for the ash removal and purification treatment of the production line, and can be used for cleaning and removal in different types of factories and other places.

Mobile dust collectors and industrial vacuum cleaners are widely used in industrial production to collect fine particles of waste materials, smoke, dust, water, oil, etc. caused by the entire process of manufacturing, actual operation, and transportation. Choose alternating current, the output power is very large, generally divided into two kinds of movable and mobile. Industrial vacuum cleaners have general-purpose and wet-zone multi-purpose types (the general-purpose type can only digest and absorb dry substances with low moisture content, and the wet zone multi-purpose type can digest and absorb oil and water caused during the production process).

vacuum cleaner

Mobile fume extractor, industrial vacuum cleaners and other equipment are more difficult to destroy in a cleaner natural environment, and the cost of overhaul and maintenance will be relatively reduced. At this stage, my country has been advocating an energy-saving and capital construction company. Therefore, when a company makes an environmental assessment, it is also a very good new project to have an industrial vacuum cleaner as a cleaning method.

Mobile dust collector, industrial vacuum cleaner, the manufacturer believes in environmental protection, removes smoke and dust, filters out odors, and has passed the environmental assessment!

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