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Industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, dust removal equipment, PURE-AIR provides dust removal equipment for enterprises!

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All kinds of dust explosion accidents are high, PURE-AIR technology industry Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner manufacturer assists the company to provide high-quality dust explosion-proof vacuum cleaners and other environmentally friendly machinery!

The key to combustible dust is as follows: (1) Grains, including wheat flour, tapioca starch, and granulated sugar; (2) Metal materials such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc, vermicelli, etc.; (3) Pure natural minerals such as coal and sulfur; (4) Synthetic chemical substances such as plastics, chemical fibers, and dyes;

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner equipment

Since the risk of dust explosion is very large, it is necessary to do a good job of preventing it. In order to avoid dust explosion, the factory can choose some special sensors to accurately measure the dust concentration in the air. After reaching the required risk concentration, it should immediately take certain effective measures to reduce the dust concentration. If the processing plant chooses a large flow of wind to reduce the dust concentration in the air, adopts humidification countermeasures to increase the environmental humidity of the production workshop, according to the intelligent control box (with the function of 5G industrial production communication network).

Industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Carry out online monitoring of industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner equipment and shooting data information, check whether the equipment is all operating normally, check whether the equipment is powered on, etc., if the operation of the machine equipment is abnormal, carry out safety warning information according to the intelligent control box service platform system software , To send abnormal data information to employees, so that employees can immediately adopt safety precautions to prevent personal safety and economic losses, thereby improving the economic efficiency of production and manufacturing.

A well-known brand for ten years, let PURE-AIR know its own responsibility, and provide companies in various fields with a stable and reliable Industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner!

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