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PURE-AIR industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaner, a professional manufacturer in the field of explosion-proof dust removal equipment!

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In response to safety production accidents such as large and small dust explosions at home and abroad, PURE-AIR technology specializes in researching and developing various Industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaners for products of various production, production and processing enterprises to assist companies in reliable dust removal and maintenance. Safety of company employees!

What is the basic principle of dust explosion? The explosion and combustion of dust cannot be separated. When the concentration of flammable dust in the air reaches its lower explosion limit, when it encounters spark discharge, electrostatic induction charging and discharging or sparks, the explosion of dust is actually the combustion of dust. Explosion is just another combustion method. 

Explosion-proof vacuum cleaner

Because the fine particles are not large, the surface area is large, the combustion is sufficient, and the combustion rate is very fast, causing the gas at the dust explosion point to swell greatly, and then explode. Dust explosion is very harmful. Because it is not a one-off, a one-time dust explosion will cause a chain reaction and cause an explosion wave.

Explosive waves will cause dust to collide with neighboring areas again, creating explosive dust clouds with the gas. The dust cloud caused by the first explosion will ignite again, the explosive dust will ignite again, and the explosive dust will damage the staff and machinery and equipment.

Dust collector equipment

Many years of product research and development for industrial Explosion-proof vacuum cleaners have made Zhixin Environmental Protection aware that as a manufacturer of environmental protection and dust removal equipment, it must develop more reliable Dust collector equipment such as industrial explosion-proof vacuum cleaners.

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