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Industrial mobile fume purifier, welding fume purifier, PURE-AIR manufacturer!

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An Industrial mobile smoke purifier independently developed by PURE-AIR technology. Its high-quality filtration system, automatic cleaning efficiency, high purification efficiency, low noise and flexible movement, etc. and advantages have been praised by a large number of new and old users.

Industrial mobile fume purifiers can be used for electric welding, polishing treatment, fiber optic fiber line, fiber laser cutting, polishing treatment and other production processes that lead to the purification of smoke and dust, as well as the recycling and reuse of rare metals and valuable raw materials, etc. , Can purify many small metal composite materials that are harmful to the human body suspended in the air, and the inhalable particles of the composite material can be purified with a high purification efficiency of 99.97%.

Mobile smoke purifier

Industrial mobile smoke purifier is a kind of pulse filter cartridge dust collector machine equipment, also called filter element dust collector. Pulse filter cartridge dust collector has small specifications, large filtering area, very good filtering effect, low pressure hazard, The filter cartridge has the characteristics of long application period, convenient installation and maintenance, and sustainable use. Under the action of the main centrifugal fan of the system, the dust-containing vapor enters from the air inlet at the upper end of the dust removal equipment to the dust collector at the bottom of the dust removal equipment for preparation and solution of the dust-containing vapor, and then enters the upper shell from the bottom.

Industrial mobile smoke purifier

In each dust removal room; after the inhalable particles with fine particle size analysis and low density enter the dust filter room, according to the composition effects of Brown diffusion and microporous plate filtration, the dust is absorbed on the surface of the filtered raw material, and the filter is clean and tidy The steam enters the net brake system brake chamber of the upper shell through the filter cartridge and is collected by the exhaust valve through the centrifugal fan to the ventilation hole and discharged.

With PURE-AIR technology, a variety of dust purification equipment can be customized, and the manufacturer is wholesale, reliable!

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