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Industrial welding fume purifier, welding fume purifier manufacturer, PURE-AIR technology!

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Industrial welding fume extractor, 10 years manufacturer, PURE-AIR technology, quality assurance!

Overseas scientific research on welding pollution is gradually earlier than in our country, and the technical relativity is excellent and perfect. Welding Fume purification equipment is developing from unity, mobile, and import substitution to complete equipment, composition, mobility, miniaturization, and low resource consumption. To solve the key pollution of welding dust, partial natural ventilation is used as the leading method and the all-round natural ventilation auxiliary method is used to improve the pollution of the working natural environment. 

Industrial welding fume extractor

Although the scientific research on welding pollution in our country has developed relatively late, the development trend is relatively fast. Based on sufficient reference to overseas design products and scientific research results, a design concept suitable for my country's basic national conditions has been produced. However, due to the difference in the overall level, there are also certain differences in the solution of mechanical equipment design and manufacturing, operation cost control and the actual effect of the solution compared with similar foreign products. Industrial welding fume extractor.

Welding fume purifier

 As everyone knows, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the emission regulations of industrial production pollution in our country are more stringent. Therefore, many overseas industrial welding welding fume purifiers have been introduced in our country, and localized production and manufacturing have further improved the actual effect of the solution. , Reduce the cost of manufacturing and maintenance.

PURE-AIR technology, absorbed and independently developed advanced dust and smoke removal technology, reliable quality, energy saving and environmental protection, university purification!

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