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Laser cutting fume purifier, PURE-AIR laser cutting purification equipment manufacturer.

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The technology of laser cutting has been developing for decades, the technology is more perfect, and the technology is becoming more and more perfect. industrial portable dust collector

Now it has already penetrated into various fields very quickly. Laser cutting technology is mainly metal material cutting, but in the high-end manufacturing industry, there are also many non-metal material cutting materials, such as soft materials. Thermosetting material. Porcelain materials.

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Semiconductor material material. Brittle materials, such as plastic film materials and laminated glass. Let us talk about the factor that laser cutting machines are more and more commonly used for brittle materials. In the period of rapid development of high-tech technology, the wide application of smartphones, mobile payment, WeChat video chat and other functions has greatly changed our living habits. , Clearly put forward better regulations for mobile devices. In addition to the functions of system software and hardware configuration, the production of mobile phones has also become an aspect of the industry on mobile phones. industrial vacuum cleaner price

Laminated glass material has the advantages of variable appearance, controllable cost and impact resistance. They are widely used in WeChat, such as mobile phone cases, surveillance cameras, color filters, fingerprint verification, etc. industrial wood dust extractor

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