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PURE-AIR, laser fume purification equipment, laser cutting dust removal equipment!

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In recent years, laser technology has been widely used in the sheet metal laser cutting industry, and the development trend of fiber laser cutting with domestic CNC machine tools is rapid. But in addition, manufacturers have always lacked understanding and scientific research on the dust caused by fiber laser cutting of metal sheets and the damage to the body and the natural environment.

industrial gas filter

Industrial fume filtration is a submerged industrial gas filter with an integrated design. The products include filter modules (using filter materials with high precision and large air permeability), centrifugal fan modules, and intelligent automatic control systems. Spark catcher, ash remover, centrifugal fan, intelligent control cabinet, and ash discharge equipment are integrated, and 1394 connection and installation are convenient. It is a professional ash removal equipment developed and designed for the production and processing of smoke, smoke and many sparks caused by heat treatment processes such as fiber laser cutting, plasma cutting machine, laser welding, shot blasting, rust removal, grinding and polishing.

industrial laser cutting machine fume extractor

industrial laser cutting machine fume extractor technical

The software of the laser fume purification system adopts air compression and full-automatic reverse blowing pulse dust cleaning technology, pressure difference or on-time operation. The pressure difference has ownership. If the time interval is not satisfied with the set time, and the gas pressure has been preferential, the cleaning operation will also be performed. The operation of cleaning dust adopts pressure difference or on-time control panel and the corresponding vacuum solenoid valve and diaphragm valve to ensure the quality of dust removal and the actual effect.

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