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Laser engraving smoke purifier, PURE-AIR technology laser engraving smoke purifier.

Release date:2021-12-07 Source:Pure-Air Pageviews:-

The laser can carry out engraving on the copper surface. The traditional approach is based on chemical corrosion to create complicated conductive pathways. And a new type of processing technology is to carry out PCB laser engraving on the copper sheet, which improves the quality and high efficiency. laser air purifier

Laser engraving and laser marking are often confused, but in fact, they are two different processing processes. Engraving generally follows the entire process of removing the material by the tool, and the processed plate contour will change. laser carbon filter

laser carbon filter

The use of carving is very common, from steel carving to stone carving, involving all aspects of daily life. If you sit in the car and touch the dashboard and interior decoration design in the car with your hands, you can feel that this artificial leather material is not related to small animal fur. This kind of interior decoration processing usually involves firstly engraving decorative patterns on steel mold shells with nanosecond pulse metal excitation, and then use this mold to make artificial leather materials. The production of coins and trophy mold shells also belongs to the laser engraving industry. In the jewelry industry, laser engraving of precious metals has become more and more widespread. The traditional craftsman's method of engraving patterns with manual punching machines and hammers has gradually faded. Nowadays, everything can be done with laser processing. laser cleaning filter systems

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