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PA-1500FS-IQ Fume Extractor

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It is suitable for the purification of smoke and odor in industries such as solvent printing, laser cutting, engraving, assembly line coding, multi-station soldering and other industries.

Working principle:

The special high-efficiency brushless fan generates large air volume and high negative pressure, sucks smoke and exhaust gas into the filter, and purifies it by multi-stage filter elements such as primary, intermediate, high efficiency and gas filters, and then discharges it.

PA-1500FS-IQ Fume Extractor

Features and benefits:

(1). Small body, low running noise, casters installed, easy to move;

(2). High efficiency brushless fan, stable operation and long service life;

(3). The air volume can be adjusted, and the LCD screen can check the air volume and negative pressure of the machine in real time;

(4). The control system comes with a filter plug alarm function, prompting customers to replace the filter in time;

(5). Equipped with infrared or wireless remote control to facilitate remote operation of the machine;

(6). Four-stage filter to ensure efficient purification of smoke, odor and harmful gases; among them, the F8 medium-efficiency filter has a filtering area of up to 12 square meters and a large dust holding capacity;

(7). Soot filtration efficiency is up to 99.7%@0.3 microns (note: our self-test);

(8). Good odor and harmful gas purification effect, no need to discharge to external pipe;

(9). The filter element can be replaced independently, which reduces the use cost of the filter element, and it is more convenient to maintain and replace the filter element;

(10). Stainless steel case can be customized according to customer requirements.

Purifier parameters:

PA-1500FS-IQ Fume Extractor-1

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