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PURE-AIR produces small mobile dust removal equipment, cabinet dust collectors, and other professional equipment with a purification efficiency of 99.7% and a minimum filtration accuracy of 0.1UM. It is mainly used in workshops of various production and processing industries to help companies purify the problems of low production efficiency caused by smoke and dust pollution in the workshop.

fume extractor

The working principle of small mobile fume extractor and cabinet vacuum cleaner is to use electric charges to attract each other and use unique purification processing technology to make small mobile dust removal equipment, cabinet dust collectors, and other equipment efficient purification. ,

Efficient purification: Efficiently trap soot particles of different particle sizes, and the purification efficiency has reached the industry's leading level, which fundamentally purifies the dust pollution in the workshop. To

Convenient and flexible: Modular units in the internal space can be flexibly combined, and the number of units can be adjusted adaptively according to different purification treatment capacity and purification rate requirements.

Advanced technology: automatic reverse injection technology, so that the purification equipment can maintain a high purification rate after long-term operation.

Safety guarantee: The system is well-designed, the high-voltage power supply is automatically cut off when the inspection door is opened; the high-voltage power supply is carefully designed into a unit body sealed with epoxy resin, which is safe and reliable to use;

vacuum cleaner

Stable and open: small mobile dust removal equipment, cabinet-type dust collector power control system has automatic over-current and over-voltage protection devices to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

Economy: long service life, energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency purification, small floor space. The small mobile dust removal equipment supplied by PURE-AIR, the equipment of the cabinet dust collector is brand new, complete and unused, and all the technical data (instructions/warranty sheets) accompanying the equipment are complete. Ensure that the dust purifier is reliable and operating normally. After purification, the smoke and dust meet the national environmental protection emission standard, and the emission concentration is ≤2.0mg/m3.

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