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The laser marking machine fume extractor welding fume extractor is a mobile high-efficiency purifier designed for various industrial production requirements. It is an environmentally friendly, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, economical and practical welding fume purifier suitable for partial welding fume treatment. The use of different models and specifications of the theme movable arm tube and exhaust tube centrifugal fan makes it more convenient and more convenient to move the address in different work. The mobile welding fume purifier is flexible and stable, with high dust capture rate, simple actual operation, and low maintenance cost afterwards.

laser marking machine smoke filter

Laser marking machine smoke filter, welding smoke purification equipment is a purification equipment designed for industrial production of welding dust and light particles. It is light and convenient, and the actual operation is convenient. It is also widely used in chemical plants, electronic devices, and metals. Materials such as laser cutting, cigarettes, laminated glass, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, clean room, hospital outpatient clinic and other fields, as well as places where it is polluted by smoke and smog. Metal materials will cause a variety of toxic and hazardous substances in industrial production welding or other production and processing methods. Welding fume purifiers, welding fume organic waste gas purifiers, the characteristics of the vapor in the smoke and the characteristics of production and processing, we will according to the test, Under the precondition of ensuring that it is not easy to cause secondary pollution, does not endanger the actual operation of the production workshop, and does not endanger the service life of machinery and equipment, multi-level purification equipment is selected.

laser marking machine vacuum cleaner

Laser marking machine vacuum cleaner welding fume purification equipment can reasonably remove welding fume and organic waste gas, but also dissolve welding nicotine smell and various toxic and harmful substances. Arc welding, CO2 maintenance welding, MAG maintenance welding, special welding, gas fusion cutting and other metal materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel plate, aluminum and other metal materials are welded, polished, polished, and other chemicals are produced during the production process.

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