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PURE-AIR aluminum powder wet dust removal and explosion-proof, industrial explosion-proof dust removal equipment, manufacturer!

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Aluminum powder wet type Dust removal and explosion-proof equipment should be equipped with explosion venting discs. The role of the explosive discs is to rupture when the pressure reaches a certain value and play an explosive effect. Therefore, the pressure is an important factor when selecting the explosive discs. Depending on the equipment, the pressure varies greatly, ranging from a few hundred to tens of thousands or even higher. If you do not choose a suitable explosive disc, the explosive disc is often damaged, but the pressure resistance of the explosive disc is too strong to play an explosive effect. Therefore, when selecting the explosive disc, the pressure of the dust removal equipment must be clarified, and then the corresponding explosive disc should be selected. The choice of explosive film has a professional calculation formula, which is more professional and complicated. Usually, a professional explosive film supplier can be provided with the necessary conditions, and the supplier can provide a suitable explosive film.

Aluminum powder wet dust removal and explosion-proof

Aluminum powder wet dust removal and explosion-proof leakage, the direction of the film needs to be paid attention to when installing, the front of the leakage film needs to be correct, not the equipment, nor the wall. If there is no space for the installation of the leaked film, the film can be connected to the outdoors. For indoor dust removal, flame blocking devices can be installed to improve the safety of Explosion-proof dust removal equipment. The setting of explosion-proof dust removal equipment is a very professional project, which requires professional suppliers to improve equipment and services.

Explosion-proof dust removal equipment

PURE-AIR Technology is an environmental protection company specializing in the production of aluminum powder wet dust removal and explosion protection. It is a national high-tech enterprise with national explosion-proof certification qualifications, thousands of customer cases, and one-to-one technical guidance.

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